Explorations in Renaissance Culture Wants You (Yes, You)

You probably know that you have access to a really outstanding journal through your organization. You’re buying an electronic subscription to it (and you should use it til you abuse it!). You may even be interested in that old-fashioned thing called a hard copy (and two hard copies per year only cost you 15 dollars more than your pixilated e-version!). Maybe you or your students are even accessing Explorations in Renaissance Culture through your institution’s subscription. But, did you ever wonder about how the delectable sausage that is ERC gets made? Well, my friends, read on!

The Hudson Strode Program Welcomes You to Tuscaloosa

On behalf of the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies, I am delighted to welcome the South Central Renaissance Conference to our beautiful campus at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa! March is typically a lovely time of year here on campus, and we hope you will join us in-person for lively scholarly exchange in T-Town!