Explorations in Renaissance Culture Wants You (Yes, You)

Explorations in Renaissance Culture Wants You (Yes, You)


Andrew Fleck is Associate Professor
of English at the University of Texas at
El Paso. He is also the Editor-in-Chief
of Explorations in Renaissance Culture,
SCRC’s peer-reviewed journal.

You probably know that you have access to a really outstanding journal through your organization. You’re buying an electronic subscription to it (and you should use it til you abuse it!). You may even be interested in that old-fashioned thing called a hard copy (and two hard copies per year only cost you 15 dollars more than your pixilated e-version!). Maybe you or your students are even accessing Explorations in Renaissance Culture through your institution’s subscription. But, did you ever wonder about how the delectable sausage that is ERC gets made? Well, my friends, read on!

Almost fifty years ago, the South-Central Renaissance Conference made the decision to create a journal as an outlet for the best scholarship presented by its members. Over the years, Explorations in Renaissance Culture was produced as a labor of love by the leaders of the organization. Recently, we partnered with a large scholarly publisher, Brill, to expand our reach. The journal now receives submissions from scholars in the global south, central and southern Asia, across Europe, and from North America. ERC appears twice a year and turns submissions around comparatively quickly.The SCRC continues to sponsor an award in honor of Albert W. Fields for the best essay to appear in Explorations each year.  It’s important to me, personally, that members of the SCRC know that our journal wants submissions from you: an expanded version of a paper you presented at the conference, part of a chapter from your book manuscript, or something you’ve been kicking around for a while and want to put out there for others to read.

Explorations in Renaissance Culture is itself a respected journal, publishing outstanding peer-reviewed research in all areas of early modern interest. We often publish essays about Elizabethan literature, Italian Art History, or European History. But we also would love to read and publish high-quality submissions on musicology, philosophy, histories other than the Tudors, ecclesiastical history, visual arts from across Europe, literatures other than English, or any other early modern scholarly topic. The editorial team of the journal is always pleased to receive inquiries about publishing with ERC. If you are considering where to publish your next piece of scholarship, give some thought to submitting your work to ERC. We want you and your work in our journal!

— Andrew Fleck


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  1. ERC is a special journal; I’m proud both have reviewed for and to have published in it. In fact, when Thomas Herron was editor, a piece of mine was precariously recommended for revision. Tom believed in me and saw me through the process. His successor, Andrew, encourages and tries to guide aspiring authors who submit promising work. The article in question was not only published, but it also won the Albert Fields Award for the best of journal in that year. I’m grateful for the boost that ERC has given me, and I’m grateful to have appeared in such a fine vehicle. Thanks for your great work, Andrew!

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