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How a Regional Conference of International Scope Beat COVID-19 and Will Beat It Again


To begin our annual business meeting in July 2020, midst plague, an elephant sauntered into the Zoom room. 

Our President (current Past President), Patricia Garcia, eyed it with cool disdain. “So,” she lofted as the elephant vanished into cyberspace, “should we cancel 2021?  Or should we try to do it online?”

“Scholarly” and “Affirming”: Our Treasurer’s Time with SCRC


As a graduate student, I was encouraged by Dr. Donald Stump, my then instructor and later dissertation director, to submit a paper I wrote for his class on Elizabeth I to the South Central Renaissance Conference.  Although I had taught for almost twenty years in high school, this was one of my first forays into the world of big-league academic scholarship.  I had read about and heard first-hand the horror stories of graduate students being grilled, or worse, dismissed at conferences, so I was more than on edge attending my first SCRC sessions.

Explorations in Renaissance Culture Wants You (Yes, You)


You probably know that you have access to a really outstanding journal through your organization. You’re buying an electronic subscription to it (and you should use it til you abuse it!). You may even be interested in that old-fashioned thing called a hard copy (and two hard copies per year only cost you 15 dollars more than your pixilated e-version!). Maybe you or your students are even accessing Explorations in Renaissance Culture through your institution’s subscription. But, did you ever wonder about how the delectable sausage that is ERC gets made? Well, my friends, read on!

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