Registration is Complete

Thank you for completing registration and payment for the 2021 SCRC Conference on March 25-27. The Conference Program will be posted in February.

This message provides instructions for accessing the SCRC Digital Program and thus the Webinar and Meeting rooms (through Zoom).

To access the Digital Program, use this address/link:

To access the program, use the link from the SCRC logo on the homepage. Or:


The Digital Program is password protected.  The password to enter the Digital Program is Johannes Factotum.  Include capitalized letters and the space.

Participants should not share the password broadly, though guests are permitted: use discretion.

Once in the Digital Program, to enter any of the scheduled events (including our three rooms for conversation and socializing), click on the link of the Panel or lecture title (dark blue).  Most sessions are Webinars and will require you to register, which simply involves typing your name and email address.
Panelists can show any software (such as Powerpoint) that they can screen share on Zoom.

Panel chairs and panelists should be present at their scheduled Webinar or Meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.  Either Brendan Prawdzik or Dalton Stone (Technology Assistant) will enter the room at that time to set the chair as the Webinar’s Alternate Host.  The Alternate Host will then add the panelists.  After the last paper, the chair will call upon questioners (whose names will appear at the bottom of the Zoom screen).  Brendan or the Technology Assistant will answer any questions that arise prior to the start of the panel.  

Brendan’s and the Technology Assistant’s contact information is available on the Program.  They will remain on stand-by throughout the Conference.

~ SCRC Executive Committee